“Clearly Accounting takes care of many aspects of my busy trucking business including payroll, filing GST returns, invoicing and day to day bookkeeping, while working closely with my accountant.  My company has grown substantially over the last 6 years and Clearly Accounting has provided exceptional service that I have been able to rely on and have confidence in.”

Ken Harris Owner, Ken Harris & Sons Crane Transport Inc.
Since 1991

Let us free you from the time required to maintain accurate, up-to-date financial records. While meeting your bookkeeping requirements, Clearly Accounting will analyze your financial data to give you the information you need to grow your business successfully.

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Our bookkeeping services give you the financial details to make decisions about operating and growing your business. We provide you with regular, accurate financial reports to improve your ability to manage your cash flow.

We provide thorough bookkeeping and tax preparation services for businesses in Squamish, Whistler and the Sea to Sky Corridor, including monthly financial statements, as well as analysis of this information which you can then use to grow your business. We give our clients the guidance, education and accounting tools they need to help them read their financial statements. This information allows them to understand what is happening with their business financially, in real-time. This information helps them to develop strategic solutions in a timely manner to quickly react to changes within and outside of their business.

We use Quickbooks and Quickbooks Online which are the number 1 rated small business accounting software.

Tax Preparation

Clearly Accounting provides affordable and accurate tax preparation and filing services. We use CRA-approved income tax software and file your return electronically.


Clearly Accounting provides efficient, accurate record keeping of all your company’s financial transactions. Your information is kept up to date so that government reporting for HST, payroll and tax returns may be prepared from the information. These records also facilitate that financial statements and reports can be produced at any time.

Payroll Preparation

Let Clearly Accounting take care of all your payroll needs. Whether your needs are simple with just 1 employee or more complex, we will ensure that all government and employee requirements are met, so that you can concentrate on making sure your employees are helping you to grow and strengthen your business’s goals.

Monthly Financial Statements

We provide you a monthly snapshot of your previous month’s income, expenses, and the overall value of your business. Having access to your consolidated financial information will provide you the knowledge you need to make informed financial decisions on the spot.

HST Reporting and Filing

Clearly Accounting will prepare your HST returns accurately and on time so there is no need for you worry about meeting these government requirements.


Clearly Accounting will calculate, report and even deal with WCB on your behalf. Whether you file quarterly or annually, we will take this off your list of tasks to complete.

Year End Reports and Financial Statements

At your year end, Clearly Accounting will simply provide you will all your detailed financial statements required to have your taxes filed, without you needing to worry about ensuring that all of your information is correct, inclusive and ready on time.

Government Remittances of Payroll Deductions

Clearly Accounting provides this service as part of our payroll preparation. Your requirement to submit your payroll remittances each month will be taken care of without you needing to think twice, so that you can focus on your strengths: building, growing, or maintaining your business’s strategic goals.

Financial Statement Analysis

You will be amazed at the power you gain, when you know and understand your business’s financial situation and are able to make decisions that are consistent with your financial goals. We will provide these numbers to you, and more importantly, help you to understand them and your financial statements.

Quickbooks Training

We offer QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online training, from basic to intermediate to advanced. Here are some of the topics that we can teach you;

    • Payments
    • Taxes
    • Expenses
    • Sales
    • Invoices

    Quickbooks Consulting

    Clearly Accounting provides consulting and support for Quickbooks and QuickBooks Online accounting software.

    Simply Accounting Consulting

    Clearly Accounting provides training and support for Simply Accounting software.

    Budget and Forecast Preparation

    The power you can gain by following a budget for your business will amaze you. Clearly Accounting will work with you to prepare a budget that is reasonable, attainable, and reflects your goals. We have been shocked by the correlation between our clients who stick to their budgets and their ability to meet their financial goals, no matter how aggressive those goals are.

    Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation

    We will reconcile all of your financial institution accounts each month in order to detect errors and to ensure that all transactions have been recorded.

    Business Plan Creation

    We will work with you to create a business plan, to describe the nature of your business, the sales and marketing strategy, the financial background, and a projected profit and loss statement.